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 Successfully place Advertisements in newspapers, radios, cinemas, magazines and televisions with Placemyad.

Through Placemyad’s unique advertising approach process, you are guaranteed to save up to 60% on every Advertising campaign big or small, every advertiser is served with cost effective advertising solutions. Need assistance in planning your Advertising campaigns in the most innovative way, maximizing your Return On Investment? Then Placemyad is what you need by your side.

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  • We give you comprehensive Advertising options

  • You are guaranteed lowest price

  • We are the first choice of any advertiser

  • We are hands-on in our approach and offer media plans

  • We are one of South Africa’s largest Advertising Agency

  • We cater budget of all sizes

We build relationships with you which gives us the opportunity to be involved in the strategic planning processes of the advertising campaigns. We are hands-on in our approach and offer media plans in trendy and well-known traditional channels. We have served businesses across all categories and sizes, we are the first choice of any advertiser individual or business. Nothing is out of our reach.

We thrive on challenge and use our collective, extensive experience in advertising to finding you an advertising space in Newspapers, Billboards, Mobile Trailers, and Radio anywhere in South Africa.
Our motto of “making advertising easy” refers not only to the advertising experts under our roof but also to the collaborative knowledge and experience our team has accumulated over the past years in the advertising industry. Our journey began from our drive and passion for building and Advertising businesses in Media we direct our energy in ensuring that businesses reach their potential customers.

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Simplified and cost-effective platform for individuals and businesses

You can now book your Advertising space in any newspaper across South Africa through PlacemyAd, we are the most simplified and cost-effective platform for individuals and businesses to book their adverts in all major newspaper publications, television, radio, cinemas and billboards. We have helped thousands of businesses successfully, helped them reach their target market and provided significant cost savings in the process.

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