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Botlokwa Community Radio Station

 Botlokwa Community Radio Station located South Africa it offers the best audibility. Botlokwa Community Radio Station is amongst the best favorite community current affairs broadcaster in South Africa.

 Botlokwa Community Radio Station listeners like to be well informed and they are thirsty for knowledge that will empower them to achieve more at work and also be knowledgeable.

 Botlokwa Community Radio Station provides local knowledge which is important in allowing a sense of belonging within the Botlokwa the whole South African Community.

 Botlokwa Community Radio Station covers stories in culture, entertainment, and sports in an interesting yet an informative manner

 Botlokwa Community Radio Station is one of the community radio stations that signed under the Broadcasting Commission Complaint of South Africa (BCCSA) it upholds a reputable image for years up to date and its target market is both young and the old listeners.

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